Most Popular Articles and Blog Posts — October 2011

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Articles from MIT Sloan Management Review:

  1. The Age of the Consumer-Innovator (Fall 2011)
  2. Which Strategy When? (Fall 2011) 
  3. What Influences Customers’ Online Comments (Fall 2011)
  4. How to Change a Culture: Lessons from NUMMI (Winter 2010, won the Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize in Fall 2011)
  5. Creating Business Value with Analytics (Fall 2011)

Posts from our blog, Improvisations:

  1. What Google VP Marissa Mayer Does as an “Idea Connector”
  2. Gaining a New Understanding of Risk
  3. Are You a Master of Brevity Yet? 
  4. A Question Every Manager Should Ask (Hint: It Has to Do With Megatrends) 

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