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Yes, it looks different. No, it’s not finished. But you can still find everything you expect to see here on the site, including articles from MIT Sloan Management Review and Business Insight, our collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, and much new material.

That new material includes two new blogs, Improvisations, which covers innovation, and Beyond Green, which looks at sustainable business, as well as a full sustainability section.

We have designed this new website so it’s easy to get around, but we know it’s a big change from our old website. If you have trouble finding anything, we recommend visiting our help and search pages. And if those pages don’t help, please email us.

We’re experimenting by opening up during a very early stage of the site’s development. We’re glad you’re here and we’re eager to hear from you. You can email your suggestions to the site editor or add to the comments below. We’re big fans of constant iterative development; we’ll be revising the site in real time. We believe we’ll build a better website if we launch early and listen hard.

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Comments (2)
Dimitrios Grigorakis
Hi to all

I Would like to be a great webinar at the near future  focused accurately on Bullying, even more on Psychological and word violence against other people, students and kids.

From my point view regarding the sustainability for busniess.

The new methodolgy should depend on grounding people to thier home and thier job place, and to have partner ship between the owners and thier employess.

Also we should work in finding solution for poverty in the world .
each country work with other near wealthy countries to find solution for such issue.

and to have lessons from history where and when poverty have been omitted in isalmic state. 

I need your opnion and feed back to continue brain storming with others contribution.