Spring 1994
Volume 35, Issue # 3

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Toward a Definition of Corporate Transformation

  • Read Time: 18 min 

WHAT IS CORPORATE TRANSFORMATION AND HOW CAN WE DEFINE A SUCCESSFUL ONE? THE AUTHORS PROPOSE A DEFINITION BASED ON behavioral changes throughout the organization and suggest a framework, built on their analysis of cases and interviews, for comparing transformations among firms.

Is Your CIO Adding Value?

  • Read Time: 30 min 

Chief information officers have the difficult job of running a function that uses a lot of resources but that offers little measurable evidence of its value. To make the information systems department an asset to their companies — and to keep their jobs — CIOs should think of their work as adding value in certain key areas. This article, based on studies of information systems leaders in sixty organizations, presents a portrait of successful CIOs and the CEOs who support them.


Negotiating with "Romans" -- Part 2

  • Read Time: 41 min 

Choosing the right strategy for negotiations with someone from another culture is a difficult task lacking few established guidelines. Whether you are a novice or experienced negotiator — you will find useful advice in this article on effectively choosing and implementing a culturally responsive strategy. Part 1 (Reprint 3524 from the Winter 1994 issue) presents eight culturally responsive strategies in a framework based on their feasibility.