Responsible AI / Panelist

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov


United States

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov is chief AI officer at eBay. He leads the company’s vision and strategy for transforming how it delivers value to sellers and buyers around the globe through AI-led experiences, such as semantic recommenders, reasoning systems, visual understanding, and immersive visual experiences. Mekel-Bobrov has led the AI organizations at some of the largest brands in health care, financial services, and e-commerce, spanning AI science, engineering, and product development. He holds a doctorate in computational genomics and masters in computer science from the University of Chicago.

Learn more about Niztan Mekel-Bobrov’s approach to AI on the Me, Myself, and AI podcast.

Voting History

Statement Response
RAI constrains AI-related innovation. Disagree “Organizations should promote a culture that empowers individuals to raise concerns over AI systems in a way that doesn’t stifle innovation, ensuring that any constraints that are set evolve AI in a beneficial way. Having measures like clear success criteria, incentives, and training are all critical requirements. By establishing responsible, transparent governance structures and accountability, organizations can have the confidence and trust in their AI technologies to further their innovation efforts.”
Organizations should tie their responsible AI efforts to their corporate social responsibility efforts. Strongly agree “AI is no longer something that happens in an isolated research lab; it’s become part of standard business-as-usual operations and therefore needs to be tied directly to a company’s overall corporate citizenship. Corporate social responsibility is a general concept and is already well suited to incorporate responsible AI efforts as well. In fact, many of the core ideas behind responsible AI, such as bias prevention, transparency, and fairness, are already aligned with the fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility, so it should already feel natural for an organization to tie in its AI efforts.”