Responsible AI / Panelist

Rashmi Gopinath

B Capital Group

United States

Rashmi Gopinath is a general partner at B Capital Group, where she leads the fund’s global enterprise software practice across cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, DevOps, and AI/machine learning. She was previously a managing director at M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, where she led investments in enterprise software and sat on several boards, including Synack, Innovaccer, Contrast Security, Frame, UnravelData, and Incorta. Before joining M12, Gopinath was an investment director with Intel Capital and held operating roles at high-growth startups, such as BlueData and Couchbase.

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Statement Response
As the business community becomes more aware of AI’s risks, companies are making adequate investments in RAI. Agree “Two of the biggest risks related to AI and generative AI are around data privacy and security concerns. Companies looking to adopt generative AI are seeking solutions that protect their data assets and do not require data to be uploaded or shared with foundational models.

Security concerns vary, from injection attacks on prompts to foundational models getting hacked and creating undesirable and inaccurate results. Addressing these security challenges in a disaggregated model environment will require a rethink of security products, giving rise to an increase in investments from companies.”