Fall 2002
Volume 44, Issue # 1

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Competitive Pressure Systems: Mapping and Managing Multimarket Contact

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 37 min 

Managers typically think that the competitive pressure their companies experience is solely the result of the behavior of their rivals. But, by mapping the system of pressures in which they operate, they can make the optimal choice of competitors, allies and markets to gain superior strategic influence over the evolution of their industry and their organization”s role in it.


Integrating the Enterprise

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 25 min 

Vertical “command and control” sabotages organizations that need bottom-up innovation to be competitive. Yet organizational integration is increasingly essential. New research shows how technology is helping cutting-edge companies meet the challenge by integrating horizontally.


Beyond Selfishness

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 29 min 

In this article, the authors make the case that corporate misdeeds are symptoms of a syndrome of selfishness that has taken hold of our business institutions, our societies and our minds. Drawing on history, literature, philosophy and management thinking, they argue that the syndrome is built on a series of half-truths — or fabrications — each of which has driven a debilitating wedge into society.


Managing the Knowledge Life Cycle

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 29 min 

Knowledge isn’t static, but it often gets managed as if it were. Companies that want to develop and use knowledge most profitably should start treating it differently according to the stages of its life.



Building IT Infrastructure for Strategic Agility

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 22 min 

Recent research indicates that managers at top-performing companies are able to identify the nature and array of initiatives they may need to implement, then determine the unique combination of IT service clusters necessary to create that agility.


The CEO's New Agenda

  • Interview
  • Read Time: 16 min 

For the past two decades, business leaders have focused exclusively on shareholder value. In a time of terrorism and corporate scandal, a much broader vision is imperative, as Yale School of Management Dean Jeffrey E. Garten explains.


How Location Clusters Affect Innovation

  • Read Time: 3 min 

The tacit knowledge shared among geographically agglomerated companies may have more to do with marketing than technology.