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Watkins picNext week we’re going to be interviewing Michael Watkins. He’s a cofounder of Genesis Advisors and he’s best-known for The First 90 Days, a primer for making sure that your first three months in a new position work out as well as possible. (We’ve all seen what happens when someone starts a new job and finds himself or herself adrift.)

yournextmoveWatkins has a new book, Your Next Move, which considers how best to handle all sorts of career transitions: promotions, international moves, and more. What do you do, for example, when people who were your peers last week are now reporting to you?

When I write we’ll be interviewing Watkins next week, I really mean we. You have plenty you’d like to know about making the right moves. Here’s a chance to find out from an expert in leadership transitions. Put your questions for Watkins in the comments box below and he’ll answer the best of them. Career transitions are moments of great risk and opportunity.


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Michael Watkins Answers Your Questions - Improvisations - MIT Sloan Management Review
[...] this month we told you we’d be interviewing Michael Watkins, author of Your Next Move. We invited you to submit questions to Watkins, an expert in leadership transitions. Here, as [...]
Jimmy Guterman
Deborah and jijesh: Michael answered your questions and we'll post them tomorrow. jabbar, I'm sorry but your question came in too late.
Jimmy Guterman
Thanks. All the questions are now in. We'll have Michael's responses on Monday.
Would like to seek Michael's advice on 
"at 40 with 15 yrs of experience in 3rd world intend to move for international higher position after spending all life time savings added up with loan burden on one year expensive management program from LBS."
Hi Jimmy, could you ask Michael's views on how an employee can transition from a small company (<100 employees) to a large one?
Jimmy Guterman
Thanks, Deborah. We'll ask him. Who else has questions?
Deborah Exo
Would love Michael's insight/suggestions on the 50+ year olds transition from a long term relationship with one company to the "wild-wild" west of jobsearch and potentially a new industry/company.