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Our new Social Business Innovation Hub launches today. The Hub's goal is to help you understand the hidden challenges and tremendous opportunities of a phenomenon that will forever change how we collaborate, communicate and innovate. We'll pursue our goal through MIT SMR research, interviews with thought leaders and publication of the best research and ideas from academia, consulting and industry. Learn more »

Featured this month in the Social Business Hub:

What influences customers’ online comments

A few squeaky wheels can drown out the cheerleaders in online product forums. And your less involved customers can actually be your most positive supporters. New research explains the dynamics of online forums, and gives social media monitors and strategists guidelines for listening — and reacting — to online comments. Read more »

Social media turns the ROI calculation on its head

Your customers have the control in social media. So don't measure your investment when evaluating ROI, measure your customers’ investments in their relationship with you. Then you can see, long term, how their behaviors feed your objectives. Read the article from our archive, now freely available for a limited time »

Social readiness pays off

Best practices of companies advanced in social business demonstrate four initial steps that any company can take to get started. Read more »

Enterprise 2.0 comes of age

Researchers today are busy measuring all the ways that social business is increasing productivity, collaboration and innovation. Read the original article that predicted it all — from our archive, now freely available »

What social will mean

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Look for the social business survey in November

We’ll launch our own research into the fast-changing social business landscape in early November. Please look for our survey invite, and be sure to participate in this important research. Read our executive editor’s note to learn more about our research’s aims.


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Grasshopper Blog “Even with the flurry of change, [McAfee] notes two particular qualities of an office that seem to be especially enduring. First, offices are still highly hierarchical organizations. Even the young, hip tech startups, McAfee points out, retain the “organizational trappings of their industrial-age predecessors.” Second, and more importantly, the water cooler is still a very important piece of equipment. Humans are social animals and depend on the office as a place for social interaction and collaboration.”

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