MIT SMR authors Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron discussed why data governance is becoming more and more important to analytical innovators.

On Wednesday, March 15, the authors of MIT Sloan Management Review’s new research report, “Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation,” shared the findings and insights from their research with a free webinar and Q&A session. They discussed what they learned about the changing landscape for companies looking to embed data and analytics into their strategies, processes, and operations.

The research finds that the number of companies reporting a competitive advantage from analytics increased for the first time in four years. Several factors are behind this shift, including wider dispersion of analytics within companies as well as a stronger focus on specialized, innovative applications that have strategic benefits.
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In the webinar, the authors discussed:

  • Why companies find success when they organize themselves around their data
  • How smart machines augment human skill and create opportunity for innovative thinking
  • How companies are approaching the democratization of data while preventing misuse and misinterpretation
  • Why data governance is becoming more and more important to analytical innovators

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