How Do You Use Web-based Technologies at Work?

Are web-based technologies having a significant impact -- whether in a good or bad way -- on your job?

If technologies such as social media, blogging or online collaboration tools are changing the way you do your work, researchers at the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at the MIT Sloan School of Management want to hear about it.  Please take a short online survey, sponsored by CISR,  about your experiences with web-based technologies in your work.

Your responses will be confidential, and the results will be reported only in aggregate terms. Survey respondents who would like to can sign up to receive a detailed report of the study results later.

4 Comments On: How Do You Use Web-based Technologies at Work?

  • Steve Bang | December 7, 2010

    On the survey, the following options appear in this order:

    Very useful
    Somewhat useful
    Not useful
    Not applicable

    It seems that “Neutral” should be less than “Somewhat useful” in this range of values. If that is not misplaced, it is confusing.

  • P.K. Singh | December 8, 2010

    Very useful

  • Viktor O. Ledenyov | December 9, 2010

    The Internet of Things, M2M, and many different technologies are very usefull at work’because they add more efficiency!
    Viktor O. Ledenyov, Ukraine

  • Courtney Hunt | December 20, 2010

    You are welcome to invite folks from the Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs) Community to participate in this research. We have at least 9000 members across multiple platforms and channels and are actively seeking academic partners.

    Please visit our website to learn more, and send me a message if you’d like to discuss this possibility further.


    Courtney Hunt
    Founder, SMinOrgs Community

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