Leveraging Your Employees’ Social Networks

Featured this month in the Social Business Hub

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Social Business

Social business research and more recent thought leadership explore the challenges and opportunities presented by social media.
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Featured this month in the Social Business Hub:

Uncover hidden talent with employee social networks

Job design and talent management are typically based on individual accountability, and tend to focus on individual competencies and experiences. However, new research reveals that an employee’s social networks are a critical component of employee effectiveness.

Examining talent on two dimensions – individual performance and network effectiveness – helps executives identify hidden talent as well as employees who have untapped potential to contribute to the broader organizational network. Learn more »


In “Building a Well-Networked Organization,” a new article from the Winter issue of MIT Sloan Management Review, the authors show how managers can leverage employee networks to increase organizational performance and uncover hidden talent. They offer a framework for evaluating employees from both individual performance and network effectiveness perspectives and identify best practices for nurturing networks through talent management initiatives. Read more >>

Are you networked for successful innovation?

The exchange of knowledge through social networking is becoming increasingly important, especially in knowledge-intensive industries in which the volume of information can increase exponentially over time. In an article from the MIT SMR archive, author Polly Rizova explores the relationship between informal social networks and formal organizational structures and how it can effect the success of your R&D efforts. Read the article FREE for a limited time >>

Congratulations to our iPad winner

Congratulations to Stacey Morrison, who won a new Apple iPad 2 in our Social Business survey raffle. Morrison is a consultant in strategic management at Vancity Credit Union, a progressive and diverse credit union based in Vancouver, British Columbia. During her first week on the job, Morrison’s manager asked her to read “The Age of the Consumer Innovator” from the Fall 2011 issue of MIT SMR. When she went online to read the article — which she termed “fabulous” — she saw the pop-up ad for the survey and clicked through to fill it out. Morrison is delighted with her new job, her new iPad and her new relationship with MIT SMR.

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Huffington Post News “Sadly, 2012 won’t see any fewer mishaps, blunders and public embarrassments because human beings are emotional and irrational … and now anyone with a basic smartphone or Internet connection can publish their impulses live and in real-time.”

Mitch Joel on “How to Recover From Social Media Blunders” | December 13, 2011

Alex Osterwalder Like Business Model Canvas? Make authors of this Sloan Mgmnt Rev. article @mitsmr aware they’re ignoring 200k+ #bmgen adopters: goo.gl/zjUuY

@business_design | January 9, 2012

David Zinger Employee Engagement & The Ecology of Human Networks. A very creative post by Liana Dragoman bit.ly/zgy45U

@davidzinger | January 6, 2012

Social Business

Social business research and more recent thought leadership explore the challenges and opportunities presented by social media.
See All Articles in This Section

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