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In a free webinar, industry expert Gerhard Kress discusses how the transportation industry is capitalizing on the opportunities that Internet of Things data offers.

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Many companies are in the business of moving people and products — their own or someone else’s — from point A to point B. It sounds simple, but the factors affecting success are surprisingly complex, encompassing everything from equipment capacity to infrastructure maintenance to operator availability — even the weather. Yet customer expectations are high: Companies must get the job done — on time, on target, with no excuses for failure.

Siemens’ Gerhard Kress, director of the company’s Mobility Division, has extensive experience in using IoT data and analytics to predict and manage service challenges in the railway industry. On April 26 at 11 am ET, he joined MIT SMR senior editor Bruce Posner to discuss how companies that move people and products can capitalize on the opportunity that IoT data offers.

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Kress talked about how the age of Big Data, fueled by an explosion of sensor-enabled data collection, offers a chance for transportation companies to improve how they manage the multiple challenges of affecting their operations. As the transportation industry begins to transform by developing a more digital, data-centric business model — aided and abetted by the IoT data-gathering revolution — the technology offers myriad opportunities to identify operational efficiencies and deliver better value to their customers. The webinar covered:

  • How IoT has helped rail companies to improve their value to their customers
  • How IoT integrates the complex factors involved in modern rail systems
  • How the IoT effort was developed in a large and successful manufacturing company
  • Best practices for organizing to leverage IoT capabilities

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