MIT Sloan Conference August 29: Growth Opportunities in Latin America and China

August 29, 2014: Faculty from the MIT Sloan School of Management meet with executives in São Paolo to discuss prospects for doing business in Latin America and China.

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On August 29, 2014, MIT Sloan School faculty with expertise in Latin America, China, energy and the global economy meet with business leaders in São Paolo, Brazil to discuss the business challenges and growth opportunities in Latin America and China in 2014 and future.

The presenters look first at prospects and uncertainties in Latin America, including economic and political uncertainty, risks of deflation, fluctuating commodities prices and energy issues. They then take the same view of China, focusing on slowing growth, lending rates and high debt.

Live streaming on August 29, 2015, starting at 7:15 am ET

The experts go on to a panel discussion with business leaders and a session that compares and contrasts the ways of doing business in both marketplaces.

The full agenda is below (all times are Eastern Time. Coverage begins at 7:15 AM ET.)


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