MIT Sloan Management Review Launches Chinese Edition

A new Chinese edition will bring MIT SMR content to the burgeoning Chinese market.

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MIT Sloan Management Review has launched a Chinese edition of its magazine and website, in partnership with local publishing firm Shanghai Li Han Technology Information Management Co. Ltd.

Building on MIT SMR’s English-language articles, translated into Simplified Chinese, the publication will be enhanced by localized content relevant to business leaders and scholars in China. The new magazine premiered October 24 at a launch event at the China World Trade Center in Beijing.

The Chinese edition will bring MIT SMR’s premier content — new management research and ideas from scholars and business leaders around the world — to the Chinese management and business community.

The regional edition “will lead local thinking and practice in management innovation,” Robert Holland, MIT SMR’s managing director, said at the event. “It will also explore the establishment of innovation mechanisms with distinctly Chinese characteristics.”

Over time, the Chinese edition of MIT SMR will also focus on key areas and issues in China’s economic and social development process, such as technological transformation and upgrades; new models of urbanization, energy and sustainable development; and financial innovation. It will address important issues of corporate, technological and financial management, as well as social and public administration, in China.

The Chinese edition of the magazine, like its U.S.-based counterpart, will publish quarterly and will be available on newsstands and by subscription. Website registrants will be able to access additional content on a regular basis.


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