Nine Ways To Get Retweeted

Featured this month in the Social Business Innovation Hub.

Featured this month in the Social Business Hub:

Nine ways to get your messages retweeted

The follower who passes along your tweet is not only amplifying the message (by sending it to more people) but also validating it by sharing it with his followers. Retweeting is a form of social advocacy in which followers become advocates of the brand within their own personal social networks. Posting tweets most likely to get retweeted is an obvious way for marketers to spread and enhance their brand messages.

A new analysis of tweets from almost 50 large social marketers identifies the factors that do — and do not — encourage retweeting. Contests, hashtags and links don't help, interestingly, while personality, topicality and just plain asking nicely do. Read the 9 ways to get retweeted »

Social media poll results

In October, we asked our readers to tell us who is getting the most value out of social media in their organization, how social media tools will change the way they communicate and what their greatest fears are about social media adoption. See the results »

Using social media for peer-to-peer collaboration

At semiconductor manufacturer Xilinx, collaborative tools to help peer-to-peer interaction resulted in an increase in engineer productivity by about 25%. It's an example of "social organization" where mass collaboration is used to tackle strategic issues and opportunities. Read more »

When unhappy customers strike back on the internet

With ready access to online public forums such as YouTube, public complaining has become more prevalent — and can be very costly for companies. So what can companies do to deal with online complainers? In an article from the MIT Sloan Management Review social business archive, authors Thomas M. Tripp and Yany Grégoire provide actionable recommendations for understanding and managing customers’ online public complaints. Read the article free for a limited time »

From Our Network

Comment "Agree completely with the need for reliable metrics, but want to add the caveat that measuring ROI won’t grow your business, won’t make your firm more innovative, won’t delight your customers. It simply allows you to understand what’s working."

Bruce Kasanoff commenting on "Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?." | November 16, 2011

Comment "I don’t think its adequate to put up a microblog space and chat back and forth at each other. A platform needs a bit of structure supportive of the types of interactions that are needed and the artifacts that those create. In real terms, this means a way to post and track and issue, a way to document the customer’s configuration or standard processes, and so on."

Jordan Frank commenting on "What Makes a Social Business "Social?"." | November 11, 2011

Andrew McAfee @Forrester sez #e20 #socbiz to be $6.4 billion market by 2016 ($600 million now) (HT @dhinchcliffe)

@amcafee | December 5, 2011

Social Business News "Study released … found that executives of both public and private companies see social media as a viable marketing strategy but have not yet developed the necessary governance, compliance and risk policies/procedures associated with it."

Michael Brito on the study "Social media and its associate risk." | November 17, 2011