Supply Chain Special Report: Advance Preview

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We’re putting the finishing touches on the winter issue of MIT Sloan Management Review, which we’ll publish in early January. Today we’re posting an element from our special report on supply chains, about Outcome-Driven Supply Chains. In it, Steven A. Melnyk, Edward W. Davis, Robert E. Spekman, and Joseph Sandor report that the supply chains of tomorrow must deliver varying degrees of six outcomes — the traditional cost-related benefit plus responsiveness, security, sustainability, resilience and innovation — depending on key customers’ needs.

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Comments (4)
Jimmy Guterman
The PDF link works now. Sorry 'bout this.
The pdf link still doesn't work...
Jimmy Guterman
Fixed. Thanks for the catch, Janice.
The link above does not display preview to the preview of the article called "Outcome-Driven Supply Chains. "

Janice Jones