Video: Leading Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Big traditional companies get overlooked when it comes to digital transformation. But companies across all industry sectors are remaking their operations, their customer interactions, and even their business models. George Westerman tells us how they’re doing it, whether they are technology champions or beginners.

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We all hear about businesses that are transforming industries through digital prowess, and they’re almost always the same: digital startups, or one of the big four of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. What about the rest of the world’s major corporations? It turns out that these companies are also transforming themselves, across the industrial spectrum. They are embracing four emerging technologies to do it: social media, analytics, mobile and embedded devices.

These companies do it for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. But it’s clear that top executives have to drive the process of transformation. This video highlights new research showing how to manage for transformation in today’s fast-changing world of business.

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Excellent conversation.  Each company uses the technologies (social media, mobile, analytics and embedded devices) mentioned differently and may not be yet at a tranformation level. But it is important to realize what can really be done after the 'easy things' are done.