Big Idea Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Organizations have begun to capture, create, and use data in ways that are changing how we work and live. The following case studies tell the stories of organizations tackling the opportunities and challenges associated with becoming a data-driven organization. Representing several geographies and industry sectors, these organizations illustrate the struggles and triumphs that may accompany the development of an analytics capability over a defined period of time.

As a collection, these case studies represent a distinctive view of the front lines of the management revolution brought about by the growing use of data and analytics in the corporate landscape. Each case study is at least 5,000 words in length, and includes details about the organization’s history, customers, industry context and strategy. All of these case studies are presented in a multimedia digital format that includes text and video.

As the editor for this case study series, I hope that you find this collection to be a valuable resource. I am grateful to the managers from our subject companies for their willingness to share their stories, and their candor in doing so. I would also like to thank EY, the case study series sponsor, whose financial support made this project a reality. Enjoy!

– David Kiron, Executive Editor


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