Competing With Data & Analytics

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How are organizations leveraging data and analytics to increase operational efficiency, engage key stakeholders, and report on business successes? Since 2006, the Data and Analytics initiative has investigated how technology enables competitiveness.

This program conducts global qualitative and quantitative research to investigate how data is influencing business processes, offerings, and engagement with customers. It looks at trends in the use of analytics, the evolution of analytics strategy, optimal team composition, and new opportunities for data-driven innovation.

Research and analysis for the initiative is sponsored by SAS.

New in Data & Analytics


Give Technical Experts a Role in Defining Project Success

Business leaders need to prioritize effective, two-way communication with their data scientists.


Leading Analytics Teams in Changing Times

Getting business value from data depends on developing effective analytics teams — leaders included.


Sustaining Advantage With Transitory Technologies

Integrating new technologies with legacy systems is both a problem and an opportunity.



Analytics in Operations


Unleashing the Potential of Supply Chain Analytics

Frontiers |

To fully benefit from supply chain analytics, companies need to be able to act on insights quickly.


The New Frontier of Price Optimization

Frontiers |

Identifying the optimal prices for products was once a time-consuming process. That’s changing.


Seeing Beyond the Blockchain Hype

Frontiers |

The transformative potential of blockchain is real, but so are the challenges to its implementation.


Is There Room At the Top for AI?

AI in the Boardroom: The Next Realm of Corporate Governance

Frontiers |

October 19, 2017 | Barry Libert, Megan Beck, and Mark Bonchek

Business has become too complex for boards and CEOs to make good decisions without intelligent systems. Just as artificial intelligence helps doctors use patient data to make better diagnoses and create individualized medical solutions, AI can help business leaders know more precisely which strategy and investments will provide exponential growth and value in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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“The Fine Line Between Service and Privacy”

Digital technology creates unprecedented opportunities to connect with and serve your customers — but the dark side is the equally unprecedented risk posed by cyber thieves. This collection of articles from MIT SMR highlights what companies can do to take advantage of the opportunity while limiting risk for both the organization and its customers. (Registration required.)



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