The Sustainability / Talent Formula


Sustainability issues are already changing how managers innovate and lead. A discussion on how sustainability factors in attracting and retaining energized new employees, increasing productivity, and changing leadership models. Get three of the most read and discussed articles from the sustainability/talent archive.

Courtesy of Interface

One CEO’s Trip From Dismissive to Convinced

When Interface’s Ray Anderson founded his commercial carpet company, he’d never heard of ‘sustainability.’ Now his company has turned it into a competitive advantage. Here, a timeline for how one CEO’s ‘mental model’ changed.

The Change Leadership Sustainability Demands

Sustainability initiatives can’t be driven through an organization the way other changes can. The authors’ research indicates that successful sustainability initiatives tend to evolve through three distinct phases. Phase 1 involves making the case for change, Phase 2 entails translating vision into action and Phase 3 is about expanding boundaries. Each stage requires different organizational capabilities and leadership competencies.