Fall 2000
Volume 42, Issue # 1

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Prepare Your Company for Global Pricing

  • Read Time: 22 min 

As adapting to globalization becomes increasingly necessary, business customers are pressuring suppliers to accept global-pricing contracts. By exploring why customers want GPCs, under what circumstances the contracts are likely to profit suppliers, and how to successfully implement contracts, the authors identify preparation as the key to success.

Knowledge Management's Social Dimension: Lessons From Nucor Steel

  • Read Time: 24 min 

How can a company continually generate new knowledge and pump it throughout its network? Success, say the authors, depends less on its IT infrastructure than on the social system in which its people operate. Focusing on Nucor Corp.’s success in the 1980s and 1990s, the authors explain how all companies can maximize knowledge sharing by setting stretch goals, providing incentives, cultivating empowerment, and encouraging experimentation.

What Makes a Virtual Organization Work: Lessons From the Open-Source World

  • Read Time: 30 min 

Today’s workforce is increasingly made up of volunteers — at least in spirit if not in fact. How will the traditional management tasks of motivating and directing employees change in the face of that new reality? The authors answer this question by examining an example of an economic enterprise that acts in many ways like a voluntary organization: the open-source software movement.

How Increasing Value to Customers Improves Business Results

  • Read Time: 28 min 

Companies such as Lego, British Petroleum, Baxter, Virgin and Unilever are reversing the law of diminishing returns by redefining their businesses and then practicing a powerful kind of customer focus. The author reveals six vital components for successful strategy based on customer focus, urging managers to leave behind transactional, linear thinking for a focus on increasing returns.


Placing Trust at the Center of Your Internet Strategy

  • Read Time: 29 min 

Consumers make Internet buying decisions on the basis of trust. How much trust your Web site needs to deliver depends on the nature of your products, competitive pressure from new infomediaries and your ability to innovate.

Developing Leaders: How Winning Companies Keep On Winning

  • Read Time: 28 min 

How do General Electric, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson & Johnson keep a steady stream of leaders moving up? By focusing on the five essentials of leadership development. “Best-practice partners reported that they tied leadership development closely to business strategy and that they invested financial resources in it,” write the authors. “CEOs did not support the programs out of a respect for education but from a conviction that such programs can assist in aligning functional areas with corporate strategy.”