Summer 1993
Volume 34, Issue # 4

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Integrated Manufacturing: Redesign the Organization before Implementing Flexible Technology

  • Read Time: 28 min 

IMAGINE THE FACTORY OF THE FUTURE. WILL COMPUTER-INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING (CIM) SYSTEMS BE ESSENTIAL PARTS OF THAT FACTORY? Perhaps not, argue the authors, because the assumptions underlying computer-integrated manufacturing are seriously flawed. Flexible technology will not address the causes of manufacturing problems; it may simply institutionalize bad practice. Better to address organizational issues first, then apply flexible technologies as a last resort.

Effective Supply Chain Management

  • Read Time: 32 min 

In a time of shortening product life cycles, complex corporate joint ventures and stiffening requirements for customer service, Hewlett-Packard reconsidered its supply-chain management and developed a framework for addressing uncertainty. The author describes several cases in which entire product families were reevaluated in a supply-chain context to impressive effect.