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Will, Skill, and Velocity: Survival Skills for a Digital World

The future belongs to those who possess flexible talents, nerve, and personal speed.


‘Digital Transformation’ Is a Misnomer

Digital transformation is better thought of as adaptation to a constantly changing environment.


Who Gets Caught in Online Echo Chambers?

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Online personalization algorithms are leading many content viewers to narrower choices.


Executing on the Promise of AI

The Fatal Flaw of AI Implementation

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July 14, 2017 | Jeanne Ross

Many managers are excited about smart machines but are struggling to apply machines’ limited intelligence. Indeed, computers can process data just fine, but to generate competitive advantage from machine learning applications, organizations must upgrade their employees’ skills. Companies will also need to redesign employee accountabilities to empower and motivate them to deploy smart machines when doing so will enhance outcomes.


Man or Machine?

When Jobs Become Commodities

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Most of us view our jobs as specialized or somehow differentiated, but the world of business and management increasingly feels otherwise. For many organizations today, the next big driver of job commoditization is automation driven by smart machines. Simply put, if a job is viewed as a commodity, it won’t be long before it’s automated. The key for workers whose jobs have traditionally seemed safe: Highlight the tasks that require a human touch.

When People Don’t Trust Algorithms

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Even when faced with evidence that an algorithm will deliver better results than human judgment, we consistently choose to follow our own minds. Why? MIT Sloan Management Review editor in chief Paul Michelman sat down with the University of Chicago’s Berkeley Dietvorst to find out.

Best of the 2017 MIT CIO Symposium

Video: Three Ways Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence

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How is business actually using artificial intelligence?

Video: The Impact of Machine Learning on Work Is Bigger Than You Think

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A new phase of technology-enhanced work is upon us.

Video: Preparing for the Changes AI Will Bring to Tomorrow’s Jobs

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A panel at the 2017 MIT CIO Symposium discusses how artificial intelligence will transform how we work.

Video: Best Practices in Data Security

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What to do when company data is breached.

Big Ideas

Achieving Digital Maturity

July 13, 2017 | Gerald C. Kane, Doug Palmer, Anh Nguyen Phillips, David Kiron, and Natasha Buckley

In the 2017 Digital Business Report, MIT SMR and Deloitte find that digitally maturing companies are achieving success by increasing collaboration, scaling innovation, and revamping their approach to talent.

Culture in Digital Times


Don’t Give Up on Corporate Culture

Readers contest the view that corporate culture becomes less important in distributed organizations.


The End of Corporate Culture as We Know It

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In the age of networked enterprise, strong cultures may turn from assets to liabilities.


The Need for Culture Neutrality

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As firms work with increasingly diverse arrays of people, they need to adopt leadership standards that cross geographies.