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The End of Corporate Culture as We Know It

In the age of networked enterprise, strong cultures may turn from assets to liabilities.


How Far Will Robots Go?

Automation brings with it questions about what to do about worker displacement.


The Right Response to Digital Disruption

Companies with bold strategies in response to digitization will come out as winners.


Big Ideas

Research Findings: Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

April 14, 2017 | Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron

Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron, co-authors of the 2017 MIT SMR Data & Analytics Research Report, “Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation,” shared the findings and insights from their research into the changing landscape for companies looking to embed data and analytics into their strategies, processes, and operations.


The Digital (R)evolution

Digital Maturity, Not Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has two key implications for managers: First, it’s fundamentally about how your business responds to digital trends that are occurring regardless of your input. Second, how an organization implements technology is only a small part of digital transformation; strategy, talent management, organizational structure, and leadership are just as important as technology.

The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

A new global study finds several new categories of human jobs emerging. These roles are not replacing old ones. They are brand-new positions that complement the tasks performed by AI machines and will require skills and training that have never before been needed.

Going Cognitive


On the Road to AI, Don’t Ask “Are We There Yet?”

Businesses should understand that in the long run, the promise of AI is self-limiting.


Digital Today, Cognitive Tomorrow

Frontiers |

Digital transformation is just a step in the journey toward a cognitive technology revolution.


How to Thrive — and Survive — in a World of AI Disruption

The challenge we face today is not a “world without work” but a world with rapidly changing work.


Coming Soon: The MIT SMR – MIT Press Digital Management Series

MIT SMR and MIT Press Announce Book Publishing Partnership

March 20, 2017 | Paul Michelman

MIT Sloan Management Review and MIT Press join forces to launch two new book series exploring the digital frontiers of management. One series will feature original titles. The other series will collect the best MIT SMR articles on key digital topics. Editor in Chief Paul Michelman will serve as the overall series editor. The series will marry groundbreaking new ideas from leading lights in academia and industry with practical advice on how to prepare for the future.

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