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Three Characteristics of a Winning Digital Strategy

October 10, 2017 | Gerald C. Kane

Despite the many differences between the nature of digital strategy at digitally maturing companies, our research demonstrates that these strategies still share a number of common characteristics. Understanding these shared characteristics can help ensure that your company’s digital strategy is on the right track.

New Insights


Going Mobile: The Personalized, On-Demand Future of Urban Transportation

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The transportation industry faces fundamental disruption as vehicle ownership yields to on-demand mobility.


Integrating Analytics in Your Organization: Lessons From the Sports Industry

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The sports industry’s use of analytics on and off the field highlights three key strategies for success.


The Case Against Agility

Ideas that have anchored technological decision-making have become unsuitable for the emerging world.



For a Return on Platform Investment, Focus on New Capabilities

Developing new capabilities is the key to platform innovation that adds value to an organization.

Platform Wars

All Platforms Are Not Equal

Frontiers |

Why Airbnb will always be a better business than Uber.

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Platform Business

Frontiers |

There’s probably never been a better time for platform businesses. But they aren’t easy to launch.

Ethics in the Digital Age

Which Rules Are Worth Breaking?

September 22, 2017 | R. Edward Freeman and Bidhan (Bobby) Parmar

Creating innovative products and services that disrupt the status quo requires creativity, and creativity involves thinking differently about constraints. But too much of a “the rules don’t apply to us” attitude can lead to ethical crises. That’s what’s happened at Uber, where a string of controversies led to a mass exodus of executives, including the company’s president and CEO. Organizations intent on innovating need to understand ahead of time the consequences of breaking certain rules.

Will, Skill, and Velocity: Survival Skills for a Digital World

The future belongs to those who possess flexible talents, nerve, and personal speed.

From the Editor

The End of Corporate Culture as We Know It

Frontiers |

In the age of networked enterprise, strong cultures may turn from assets to liabilities.

Why the Human Voice Is the Year’s Most Important Technology

Frontiers |

The shrinking role of big screens heralds a change in how we communicate with devices and each other.

Man vs Machine?

When Jobs Become Commodities

Frontiers |

Most of us view our jobs as specialized or somehow differentiated, but the world of business and management increasingly feels otherwise. For many organizations today, the next big driver of job commoditization is automation driven by smart machines. Simply put, if a job is viewed as a commodity, it won’t be long before it’s automated. The key for workers whose jobs have traditionally seemed safe: Highlight the tasks that require a human touch.

When People Don’t Trust Algorithms

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Even when faced with evidence that an algorithm will deliver better results than human judgment, we consistently choose to follow our own minds. Why? MIT Sloan Management Review editor in chief Paul Michelman sat down with the University of Chicago’s Berkeley Dietvorst to find out.