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The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing

Sharing consumers’ positive stories about a brand can be a highly effective marketing strategy.


But Will the Algorithms Have Empathy?

How soon will smart machines start looking out for our health?


Four Management Lessons From Self-Driving Cars

The novelty of self-driving cars overshadows the real promise of AI: augmentation of human skills.


Culture in the Digital Age

The End of Corporate Culture as We Know It

We are evolving toward the age of networked enterprise, in which the traditional hierarchies of the corporation will be supplanted by self-organizing systems collaborating on digital platforms. In this environment, strong cultures may turn from assets to liabilities.

The Need for Culture Neutrality

Companies today work with an incredibly diverse array of people. To thrive, these organizations need culturally neutral, globally coherent leadership standards. These standards should promote needed outcomes without prescribing behaviors, since some behaviors are outside of the cultural norms in some countries. Inevitably, significant advantage will accrue to companies that ready their people for truly global leadership.


Don't Believe (All) the Hype

Seeing Beyond the Blockchain Hype

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March 27, 2017 | Christian Catalini, interviewed by Paul Michelman

Blockchain has recently taken center stage in the conversation about management’s digital makeover. Many believe the impact of blockchain on the ways organizations function and produce value may be greater than other technologies that have grabbed most of our recent attention — data and analytics, the cloud, even artificial intelligence.

The Rise of AI


The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

Instead of eliminating human workers, AI may create new jobs requiring updated skills and training.


How to Thrive — and Survive — in a World of AI Disruption

The challenge we face today is not a “world without work” but a world with rapidly changing work.


How Big Data Is Empowering AI and Machine Learning at Scale

The synergism of Big Data and artificial intelligence holds amazing promise for business.


Go Bold or Go Home

The Right Response to Digital Disruption

April 6, 2017 | Jacques Bughin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck

Although digitization’s disruptive influence is growing rapidly, there’s surprisingly little empirical evidence on the magnitude of digital disruption — nor any showing how companies are reacting on a broad scale. A new global survey of C-suite executives looks at how digitization unfolds across industries and how incumbents are responding. With some notable exceptions, the answer is: “Not well.”

Big Ideas

Research Findings: Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

April 14, 2017 | Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron

Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron, co-authors of the 2017 MIT SMR Data & Analytics Research Report, “Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation,” shared the findings and insights from their research into the changing landscape for companies looking to embed data and analytics into their strategies, processes, and operations.

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