Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Five Myths About Digital Transformation

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If you want to lead your organization’s technology transition, the first step is grasping the realities of digital transformation — rather than getting seduced by the hype.

From the Editor's Desk

Why the Human Voice Is the Year’s Most Important Technology

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January 20, 2017 | Paul Michelman

We are entering a transformative period in our relationship with both our personal and professional technology, one in which our reliance on text to both command and consume will be increasingly supplemented — and in many cases supplanted — by our reliance on the spoken word.


Introducing Frontiers

Paul Michelman on the Launch of MIT SMR’s Frontiers Initiative

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September 14, 2016 | Deborah Gallagher

In a video interview, MIT SMR editor in chief Paul Michelman explains the impetus behind the launch of the publication’s Frontiers initiative and the value he hopes it will hold for readers. Michelman explains the genesis of the Frontiers idea, the nature of the essayists selected for the program, and why it’s important for MIT SMR to launch this initiative now. He also discusses the themes that emerged from the essays, including the changing nature of the man-machine collegial relationship.