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MIT SMR’s editor in chief describes how we intend to celebrate the “T” in MIT.

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Here’s something I promise to do very rarely: write about us. MIT Sloan Management Review’s value is as a source of transformative ideas for business professionals. I prefer not to do things that might interrupt that value. So please forgive this indulgence.

If you are a reader or author who would like to know a bit about where we are headed — and the types of content we aim to publish going forward — please read on. If that sounds about as interesting as a 13th Republican Debate, I will understand your choice to cut and run.

Still here? Thank you. Let me tell you about some exciting new developments at MIT Sloan Management Review that we believe will enhance MIT SMR’s value to our readers and contributors alike.

But first, let’s begin with what is remaining the same.

MIT SMR will continue to publish the most important new ideas in management research and practice. We enthusiastically seek new research and insights that stand to make a demonstrable impact on the ways that leaders lead and organizations operate. Similarly, we will continue to interpret and amplify those ideas for an audience of curious business professionals through a quarterly print magazine, website and mobile applications, and a range of other distribution channels.

Now, let me tell you about two areas where you can expect us to put even more time and effort.

The intersection of management and technology

While MIT SMR seeks to publish new research-based ideas across a wide range of management topics, we are taking a particular interest in work that explores the role of technology in transforming the practice of management. Even as we have been witnessing digital technology’s organizational impact for several decades, it’s our belief that we are on the crest of a new wave of change that will force leaders to fundamentally rethink the way their companies function and produce value. In partnership with our authors and readers, we aim to play a central role in the conversation about technology’s transformative impact on management. This will not be our exclusive area of focus, but it will be a topic for which we will show a strong enthusiasm.


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