Don’t Check Your Facts at the Door (We’ll Check Them for You)

MIT SMR site open to all visitors on March 21 and 22.

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On March 21 and 22, we are opening the MIT SMR website to one and all, offering free and unlimited access to our rich offering of management insight and advice.


Because we feel this a particularly good time for a reminder of the value of facts. Actual facts.

In the world of business advice, we believe that the only ideas worth sharing are ideas based on evidence. Our mission is to improve the practice of business by identifying the most important new ideas in management, vetting them for rigor, shaping them into practical wisdom for executives, and delivering them in ways that are convenient and, we hope, enjoyable to consume.

For two days, we aim to demonstrate the worth of our mission as broadly as possible.

We believe MIT SMR can play a central role in helping you navigate the challenges of your world. I invite you to dig in and test our claims. We will let the evidence speak for itself.


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