MIT SMR’s 10 AI Must-Reads for 2023

These 10 popular articles on artificial intelligence deliver expert advice on generative AI, responsible AI strategy, KPIs, and related challenges.

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No topic dominated the business world in 2023 like artificial intelligence. And no AI product has ever scaled like OpenAI’s ChatGPT: After its November 2022 release, ChapGPT attracted an estimated 100 million monthly users inside of two months. In November 2023, the company declared that it had 100 million weekly active users, including developers at more than 92% of Fortune 500 companies. You can learn what ChatGPT can and can’t do with business strategy questions by reading our No. 1 article of the past year.

But ChatGPT also raised many ethical challenges and dilemmas — at a dizzying speed. As MIT SMR’s David Kiron and his coauthors noted earlier this year, “The fast pace of AI advancements is making it harder to use AI responsibly and is putting pressure on responsible AI (RAI) programs to keep up.” Don’t miss their article, based on original research conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group, which includes insights from a global executive survey and a distinguished panel of AI experts.

As the other articles in our must-read list show, leaders are hungry for practical advice on how to use AI — to improve KPIs and design better job roles, for instance. As you can hear in our Me, Myself, and AI podcast, two episodes of which made the top-10 list, AI innovators in fields like travel and medicine have lessons to share.

How will your organization use AI in the coming year? Let’s delve into our roundup of expert advice.

Three Lessons From Chatting About Strategy With ChatGPT

Christian Stadler and Martin Reeves

When generative AI’s capacity for strategy creation is put to the test, it reveals where its strengths lie — and where humans still have the edge.

Building Robust RAI Programs as Third-Party AI Tools Proliferate

Elizabeth M. Renieris, David Kiron, and Steven Mills

Explore findings from the 2023 Responsible AI Global Executive Study and Research Project. The risks and failures of AI systems are more palpable and numerous than ever, but organizations are at risk of falling behind.

AI Is Helping Companies Redefine, Not Just Improve, Performance

Michael Schrage, David Kiron, François Candelon, Shervin Khodabandeh, and Michael Chu

Research on organizations’ use of artificial intelligence reveals how they can apply the technology to redefine strategic measurement and KPIs.



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