Webinar: Flourishing in the Face of Supply Chain Disruption

Watch an on-demand recording of a webinar on how resilient enterprises adapt to turbulence in the supply chain

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On September 24, 2015, MIT Sloan Management Review hosted a webinar and follow-up Twitter chat with Joseph Fiksel and Keely Croxton, two of the authors of the Winter 2015 MIT SMR article “From Risk to Resilience: Learning to Deal with Disruption.” The speakers explained how proactive managers create innovative, dynamic organizations that survive and prosper under any circumstances. They showed how resilient enterprises adapt successfully to turbulence and design resilient assets, products, and processes and highlighted companies that have improved shareholder value in turbulent times.

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The webinar included a live Q&A session, followed by a Twitter chat/Q&A session at #MITSMRdisruption.

Topics covered include:

• Using a research-based methodology to identify important supply chain vulnerabilities and set priorities for strengthening capabilities.

• Developing a balanced portfolio to address the specific vulnerabilities your company faces.


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