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The Best of This Week

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This week’s must-reads for managers: two leading academic researchers tackle #Disruption2020 — from how the disruption playbook has changed to whether disruption is the right strategy at all. Also, the reality of running an AI business, what to think about when managing digital native talent, and, we wonder, are offices now obsolete?

Why We Need New Measures of the U.S. Economy

The Information Age has revolutionized how we shop, travel and entertain ourselves—and yet we know little about how digitization has impacted the economy. That’s because the main gauge of economic growth, Gross Domestic Product, doesn’t capture much of the value created by “information goods.”


Must Economic Forecasts Always Fail?

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How can managers better understand the problems inherent in economic forecasting and still make reasonable projections for their companies? In the recent article “Why Forecasts Fail. What to Do Instead,” the authors advise that managers first accept that they’re operating with uncertainty.

Stimulus for innovation?

Some argue that any U.S. economic stimulus package should include an emphasis on spending to promote innovation.


The Beneficent Dragon

Many pundits characterize the Chinese economy as a juggernaut that threatens America’s economic leadership. But the dangers associated with China’s ascendance are exaggerated.

Customizing Customization

A continuum of strategies shows that while some industries favor customization and some foster standardization, others mix the two in their products, processes, and customer transactions in intriguing ways.

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