Creative responses to the downturn

While layoffs make headlines, some companies are finding creative ways to respond to the recession.

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While layoffs make headlines, some companies are finding creative ways to respond to the recession:

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Improvisations « MIT Sloan Management Review » More companies seek creative alternatives to layoffs
[...] blogged earlier this month about some companies trying creative responses to the recession, including reducing employees’ hours rather than laying staff off. The New York Times this [...]
Thanks Dianne Jacobs... are you sure you mentioned your business enough?

While I applaud Red Hat, rewarding success is essential to rallying the troops and boosting morale, especially in times turmoil.

Our company will finish $60MM above 2007's numbers. We had our party over the weekend free food, drinks, and fellowship that not only rewarded our dedication and work, but for a few hours took our mind off of the economy around us.

Should Red Hat end up laying-off even one single person during this downturn, at I'm sure many employees will question Red Hat's "giving away" of money to anyone but Red Hat employees. While their heart is in the right spot, their head should focus on the stability of the business and the security of fellow employees.
Increasing cash flows and protecting investments in service, client relationships, people and process improvements requires thoughtful and creative approaches. 

It is not a matter of invest or not invest; it is deciding where and how the greatest return will be achieved.

It takes courage, a strategic eye and insight to rework business strategies in order to proactively develop new capabilities for emerging business models and segues to suit unique capabilities.

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic. (Peter Drucker)

Dianne Jacobs
The Talent Advisors
Melbourne, Australia