Thorny Talent and AI Challenges Now: 5 Experts Speak

What talent issues should leaders prioritize? How should managers advocate for workers in the age of AI? MIT SMR authors share insights in this video.

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If you ask leaders about their toughest leadership challenges right now, you’ll hear wide-ranging concerns about both talent management and artificial intelligence. Seeking fresh insights and advice for leaders on both topics, we spoke with MIT Sloan Management Review authors at the most recent Academy of Management (AOM) event in Boston.

This distinguished group of management and leadership experts from the MIT Sloan School of Management and other institutions weighed in on two questions:

  • What are the top talent management issues for 2024?
  • What is a manager’s role in advocating for workers in the age of AI?

“AI really changes how we work; it changes how we relate to each other and how we can talk to each other,” said Christine Moser, associate professor of organization theory at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, who spoke with MIT SMR at the event.

How should forward-looking leaders adjust to those new realities? Watch the video, recorded at AOM Boston, to learn what these experts have to say about AI checks and balances, how to motivate workers, and what happens when black-box AI models meet your organizational processes.

Want to learn more about leading people in the age of AI? Read our related article, “What Humans Lose When We Let AI Decide.”


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