Winter 1996
Volume 37, Issue # 2

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First to Market, First to Fail? Real Causes of Enduring Market Leadership

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 34 min 

“Be first to market” is one of the most enduring principles in business theory and practice. But the authors point out that many pioneer companies have failed, whereas most current market leaders were not pioneers. In analyzing why this is so, the authors found that market leaders embody five factors that are critical to success.

Ethical Leadership and the Psychology of Decision Making

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 54 min 

How can managers improve the ethical quality of their decisions and ensure that their decisions will not backfire? The authors discuss three types of theories that will help executives understand how they make the judgments on which they base their decisions. By understanding those theories, they can learn how to make better, more ethical decisions.