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Create the Right Culture for Hybrid Work


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When COVID-19 forced businesses worldwide to shutter their workplaces, many worried about the long-term impact of remote and hybrid work models on their organizational cultures. But according to a recent global survey, cultures are thriving, and, in some cases, actually doing better than they did before the pandemic.

In this one-hour webinar, Thomas Kochan, Jeetu Patel, Robert Pozen, and moderator Wade Roush build on the survey’s findings as they discuss evolving trends in hybrid and remote work.

You’ll learn:

  • How culture and inclusivity are changing in response to new ways of working.
  • How the traditional “social contracts” between businesses and employees are being rewritten to emphasize autonomy and flexibility.
  • How organizations are keeping employees connected and engaged — regardless of location.
  • Why and how managers should become more proactive in new work environments.
  • Who should design hybrid and remote models, and how to establish metrics for success.

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