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How Technology Leaders Become Breakthrough Innovators

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It’s an exciting and challenging time for technology leaders. Digital data, platforms and tools have transformed the economics of enterprise innovation — giving you a tremendous opportunity to be at the center of your organization’s efforts to drive innovation. By collaborating across teams, providing the right tools and data, and encouraging a risk-taking mindset, you can enable an innovation platform that serves your entire company. But how do you address the challenges of getting to that outcome?

In this online panel, Michael Schrage, Research Fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Mark Foster, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Business Services, discuss how technology leaders can best create and inspire change. They had a free flowing conversation about building the capabilities, talent, culture, and communications necessary for the kinds of experiments that lead to breakthrough innovation.

In this online panel you will learn:

• Why building experimentation capabilities long term — not just problem solving for now — is essential to innovation

• How technology leaders are building collaboration efforts with business units

• Examples of tools and platforms that can support experimentation

• The importance of data governance and data wrangling in promoting data-driven innovation experimentation

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