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What B2B Leaders Must Do for True Digital Transformation


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When it comes to achieving genuine digital transformation, many B2B companies still have a long way to go.

In this one-hour webinar, Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood, coauthors of the just-published book Digital Hesitation: Why B2B Companies Aren’t Reaching Their Full Digital Potential, explain what lagging organizations must do to catch up. Along with moderator Julia King, they discuss:

  • What “full digital potential” means and why both old and new B2B organizations are struggling to achieve it.
  • How to address transformation-related issues such as gaining board buy-in and modernizing operating models.
  • How to overcome the toughest challenges to digital transformation.
  • How to move from complexity to operational simplicity.
  • How B2B executives can accurately assess where their digital-transformation efforts stand now — and where they need to go.

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