Internal politics are human nature — and addressing them is key for reaching digital maturity.

The challenges of progressing toward digital maturity are often more human than technological — and internal politics can loom large as one of those challenges. Political struggles for control and decision-making often result in blocking or slowing down progress on digital initiatives.

Please join Jane McConnell, digital strategist, researcher, and author of “Neutralize Internal Politics in Digital Initiatives,” as she discusses the findings from her research on the digital organization and shares her guidelines for preventing politics from upending digital initiatives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why more digitally mature companies actually have increased trouble with internal politics
  • The importance of involving people from different levels and parts of the organization early in digital initiatives
  • Where to locate the decision-making power in a project team
  • A new way to think about silos in companies and how to share information across them.