What Remote Work Means for IT Professionals

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How have remote working conditions changed the way the IT function operates?

Organizations are past the hurdle of enabling people to work remotely and now are contending with IT and security consequences. IT teams need to monitor and support bandwidth, security, privacy, and even printing. What are the implications for CIOs, IT managers, IT support staff, and staff working with/depending on/collaborating with IT?

In this webinar, MIT SMR author and cybersecurity expert Paul Mee and organizational effectiveness expert Keith McCambridge discuss the new challenges facing IT teams as they accommodate remote work and propose solutions for onboarding, learning, security, and cultural adaptation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the concept of “insider risk” (enabling workforces to move to fully remote setups) can mean for organizations.
  • What the implications and new requirements are with regard to third parties.
  • How IT leaders and staff can shift to a more consultative model of working.
  • Why the need to document standards and processes is more crucial than ever.


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