In a webinar recorded in March 2013, the speakers present findings from the recent global study they co-authored, “From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data Analytics.”

The webinar provides an in-depth look at Analytical Innovators. Viewers get tips on: engendering the beliefs, practices, and outcomes characteristic of Analytical Innovators; enabling the success factors required to excel in today’s analytics revolution; creating a framework that shows how your company — regardless of analytical sophistication — can become more like Analytical Innovators; and succeeding in action, with examples from Kaiser Permanente, Netflix, eBay, and other leaders in analytics and big data. (A follow up Q&A with attendees can be found here).

About the Presenters

David Kiron is executive editor at MIT Sloan Management Review, leading the Sustainability & Innovation content initiative. Previously he was a senior researcher at Harvard Business School. Kiron holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Rochester and a BA from Oberlin College.

Renee Boucher Ferguson is a researcher and editor at MIT Sloan Management Review.