The 10 Most Popular New MIT SMR Articles

Here are the recent MIT SMR articles that attracted the most readers.

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In the first half of 2017, MIT Sloan Management Review website visitors showed high interest in articles about how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the job market and organizations. In fact, three of the 10 most-read pieces of new MIT SMR editorial content during that period address some aspect of that question. But the other seven most popular new articles cover a wide range of topics — from dealing with negative emotions in the workplace to exploring the organizational implications of blockchain technology.

1. The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

We’ve all heard about jobs that may be eliminated due to advances in AI. The most popular new article on the MIT SMR site explores the other side of the coin: It describes three categories of jobs that AI may create.

2. Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

MIT Sloan Management Review’s seventh annual data and analytics global survey found that the percentage of companies deriving competitive advantage from analytics increased for the first time in four years.

3. The Smart Way to Respond to Negative Emotions at Work

Many executives try to ignore negative emotions in their workplaces. But that tactic can be counterproductive and costly, and this article advocates a more proactive approach.

4. The Most Underrated Skill in Management

The authors of this article argue that there are few management skills more powerful than the discipline of clearly articulating the problem you seek to solve before jumping into action.

5. How Blockchain Will Change Organizations

What effects will the technology underlying digital currencies such as bitcoin — technology commonly known as blockchain — have on the nature of companies?

6. The End of Corporate Culture as We Know It

MIT SMR editor in chief Paul Michelman raises an interesting question: How relevant will corporate culture remain in a world where business is increasingly characterized by collaboration via digital platforms?

7. Five Myths About Digital Transformation

If you want to lead your organization’s technology transition, the first step is grasping the realities of digital transformation — rather than getting seduced by the hype.

8. How to Thrive — and Survive — in a World of AI Disruption

The challenge we face today is not a “world without work” but a world with rapidly changing work, according to MIT Sloan professor Erik Brynjolfsson.



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