Facing the digital revolution of the broadcast industry, Entravision, a Spanish-language media company, is innovating through data and analytics — and in the process is transforming its business.

Entravision, a Spanish-language media company serving the Latino consumer, is, along with its broadcast contemporaries, facing a digital revolution that is irrevocably changing their industry. In the face of this change, Entravision’s chairman and CEO, Walter Ulloa, has taken bold steps, bringing on board Franklin Rios and backing Rios’ mission to launch a big data unit, Luminar.

Through the implementation of a big data platform, Luminar is helping to transform Entravision beyond its traditional broadcasting roots. With a data store of 50 million Latino adults with transactional records from 2,000 sources, Luminar has insights on 65% of the entire Latino adult population — and their transactions. Latino consumers are one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S., and they have massive buying power. Data scientists in Mexico and Argentina use Luminar’s constantly evolving algorithms to enable the business to provide hyper-local and in-culture insights to advertisers and marketers interested in reaching the Latino consumer.

With its platform and tools, Luminar is also helping to transform Entravision internally. Its research division, which traditionally supported the finance division, is combining traditional research and new technology to better understand the behavior of the Latino consumer, and readying the launch of a product that will offer those insights to customers.

Armed with Luminar insights about Latino consumers that no one else has, Entravision’s sales division is now able to reach new customer segments, and to broaden its reach with traditional customers.

And clients are asking for more insights, making Luminar increasingly integral to their decision-making processes.

Walter Ulloa and Franklin Rios talk with Michael Fitzgerald, contributing editor at MIT Sloan Management Review, about their experience launching Luminar: the barriers broken down, the cultural insights generated and the resulting big data innovation that is transforming a very traditional business.