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Leading your team is even harder when there are crises in the world outside of work. Let MIT SMR help with leadership challenges: Our site is open and free to all today through March 17.

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With geopolitical tensions at crisis levels, leaders are facing new uncertainty and disruption even as they continue to grapple with difficult staffing and supply chain problems caused by the ongoing global pandemic.

MIT SMR is here with information to help leaders navigate new challenges and build more resilient organizations. We’ve continued to bring readers the latest thinking on innovation, technological change, and strategy while also offering new and exciting ideas on culture, organizational equity, and the future of how we work together.

This week we’re dropping our paywall in order to help leaders of all stripes with management frameworks and ideas on how to lead better, improve organizations, and help teammates do their best work. Below are some of our most popular and important articles and reports, curated by our editors. I hope you find our open site helpful and informative, and look forward to getting your feedback.

Culture and the Great Resignation

Empathy in Times of Crisis

Where AI Stands Now

Improving the Strategy Approach


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