Essential Innovation Insights

Every business executive knows the importance of innovation to an organization’s future — but that doesn’t make the unpredictable innovation process any easier to manage. To help address that challenge, the fall 2017 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review features several articles designed to help managers step up their innovation game.

In “12 Essential Innovation Insights,” MIT SMR senior editor Bruce Posner and editorial director Martha E. Mangelsdorf tap into the MIT SMR archives to highlight some important innovation research from past years, in capsule form. After a brief overview of the 12 classic insights, take a deep dive into those most relevant to your situation; to facilitate that, we’ve included all of the archival articles featured in “12 Essential Innovation Insights” on this page.

And don’t miss the other three articles in our fall 2017 special report on innovation. In “Harnessing the Secret Structure of Innovation,” Martin Reeves, Thomas Fink, Ramiro Palma, and Johann Harnoss offer intriguing new insights about how to develop a winning innovation strategy. In “Why Design Thinking in Business Needs a Rethink,” Martin Kupp, Jamie Anderson, and Jörg Reckhenrich argue that the popular innovation methodology doesn’t always mesh with the realities of corporate life. And “Creating Better Innovation Measurement Practices,” by Anders Richtnér, Anna Brattström, Johan Frishammar, Jennie Björk, and Mats Magnusson, provides a framework for assessing and improving the metrics an organization uses to track its innovation initiatives.


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