Achieving Supply Chain Transparency

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A transparent approach to supply-chain strategy could give organizations a competitive edge.

Consumers increasingly want to know more about where and how the products they purchase are being made. In many industries, this type of transparency has become a requirement, with consumers actively rewarding companies that provide visibility into their supply chains and punishing companies that do not. Importantly, creating transparency requires companies to not only determine what information to disclose to consumers, but also to gain visibility into their supply chains.

In this webinar, MIT Sloan School of Management associate professor Karen Zheng discusses her research on how companies can gain visibility into their supply chains as a step toward end-to-end transparency.

You will learn:

  • Why it’s necessary for companies to stop solely relying on audits to monitor their supply chains.
  • What are some of the innovative models and measures that companies are using to improve visibility into their supply chains.
  • How companies are utilizing supply chain transparency as a business strategy to create new market opportunities.


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