Getting business value from AI means separating myths from facts.

Executives around the world strive for AI to create new sources of business value. However, a fact-based separation of myth from reality remains rare: Where do we focus? How do we scale AI? How do we achieve competitive advantage?

In this webinar, Philipp Gerbert, senior partner & managing director at the Boston Consulting Group and coauthor of the recent MIT SMR AI report, “Artificial Intelligence in Business Gets Real,” discusses the findings from the report and dispels several myths around scaling and reaping the benefits of AI.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AI leaders differ from laggards in their AI strategies
  • What drives competitive advantage — and how this affects AI focus
  • What is different about Chinese companies’ approach to adopting AI
  • How business and operating models (need to) evolve when scaling AI