Following the Digital Thread: Beyond Manufacturing

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Like a handful of transformative technologies that preceded it, the full impact of digital thread can reverberate well beyond its primary use.

This journey is complete, so Mark Cotteleer and Paul Michelman, editor in chief of MIT Sloan Management Review, share a couple of key takeaways from Mark’s exploration of the digital thread. Most important, the thread is about continuous learning and performance enhancement — all based on the feedback that real-world experience provides.

While a bell crank may have served as the subject of this video series, the digital thread is about much more than a particular part or even a particular industry. It is about an array of technologies that can enhance competitiveness. Whether (and how) organizations choose to deploy this array of technologies very much depends on their particular context. But one thing seems certain: The era of digital manufacturing is here.

To follow the journey again, visit any of the previous episodes.


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Comments (3)
Tasneem Hakim
Great work. Explained digital thread very clearly. looking forward to more videos which shows the use of technology to derive business value.
Shrikant Navelkar
Thank you for excellent contents. It always helps when you see it in action. I like four phases of digital journey mentioned in episode 7. 
It would be interesting if you can make a series covering non-manufacturing industries such as retail or banking.
Thank you for an excellent series (the Digital Thread). Informative and concisely presented in a way that will allow others to use the overall process in product design/iteration as well as process iteration.  
 If the "product" one delivers is a service or process, the phases of the Thread can be used to create, optimize, test, deliver and iterate.  Kaizen extended to take greater advantage of tools offered by the digital world.