Fostering Creativity, Collaboration, and Inclusivity

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In the digital world, we need leadership models that apply across genders and cultures.

If we ask you to envision a typical organizational leader, do you think of someone extroverted? Glib? Tall? Most of us realize those stereotypes are behind us. What companies need now is a new kind of leader — one who emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Please join MIT SMR author Amit Mukherjee as he discusses how digital technologies have reshaped organizations and work and what this means for today’s leaders. His research identifies the mindsets, behaviors, and actions leaders need to pursue in this digital era.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why leadership in globally dispersed organizations must be inclusive.
  • How to collaborate in a multipolar world of networked organizations, working with colocated and non-colocated colleagues.
  • Why you must lead for creativity instead of productivity.
  • How to guard against unthinking assumptions.


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Comment (1)
Deep Saxena
Very thought provoking webinar by Prof Amit and mentored by Paul. Truly a drastic changes are needed in the present management and controlling process of big organizations to meet the future expectations in digital world.

I think present top management of major companies is totally confused about evaluation system of performance of employees. Sometimes they adopt Bell curve and again PMP with KRA based system. Ultimately all these processes become paper work and one layer of management pass on to other completed forms to remain satisfied that they completed their responsibilities.

In the process the whole process become farce when cartel of different management levels start protecting their egos and use these papers to manipulate the things to satisfy their egos. I lightly say it Management Mafia of big companies as seen from other employees perspective.

Anyway thanks for such a beautifully conveyed webinar and hope that we will be getting more such in near future.

Thanks and Regards.