Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

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To get started with AI, a company needs to understand what it’s capable of — and what it isn’t.

Most of us are by now convinced of the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence. We’ve followed the hype, we’ve read the articles, and we’ve formed some understanding. Now, we want to put it to work. How does a company get started? How do you build a strategy, put a team in place, and increase the chances of having real success with AI?

Please join distinguished speaker Thomas H. Davenport, author of the recent book, The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work, as he brings us his practical advice and examples on how to achieve the business value that AI offers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The appropriate level of ambition when setting an AI strategy.
  • What technologies are available and how companies are using them.
  • How companies should think about ethics and ethics policies when implementing AI.
  • How your organization can become “a more cognitive company.”


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