Consider decision-driven analytics when making key decisions about your customers.

Making decisions with data too often comes down to finding a purpose for the data at hand — not finding the right data. If you want to make good decisions with data, start from the decision you need to make and then ask which data you need to make that decision.

Please join MIT SMR authors Bart de Langhe and Stefano Puntoni as they show how decision-driven data analytics results in better decision-making. They’ll give examples of how data-driven often means answering the wrong question and offer steps for using data in a more effective way.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why anchoring on available data often leads decision makers to focus on the wrong question.
  • Why common approaches to data analytics can lead decision makers to accept data uncritically.
  • How leaders sometimes use data to confirm their preexisting beliefs.
  • Three steps for shifting to decision-driven data analytics.


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