What Digital Transformation Means in 2018 and Beyond

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Capgemini’s Didier Bonnet explores the complexity and necessity of digital transformation in 2018.

Four years ago, research collaborators and MIT SMR authors Didier Bonnet, George Westerman, and Andrew McAfee published the best-selling book Leading Digital on the drivers that lead to successful digital transformation. Four years later, new research from Capgemini shows that large organizations are still struggling to implement their digital transformations. The relentless pace of technological progress, massive competency shifts, and cultural/organizational challenges have combined to make digital transformation a complex, albeit necessary, exercise.

In this webinar, Dr. Bonnet, coauthor of the MIT SMR article “The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation,” discusses the findings from this new research and shares his thoughts on, and some examples of, the barriers to digital transformation and what leaders can do to overcome them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The new demands for successful digital customer engagement
  • How automation and AI are a new frontier for digital operations
  • How organizations are struggling to reshape themselves into digital businesses
  • The competency and “mass re-skilling” challenges required to succeed
  • How to architect a bright future in a world of constant disruptions


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Comments (4)
Olukunle Iyanda
Great presentation with lots of insight. How could I get the presentation slides?
Thanks for your help in this regards
Jose A. Zamborain
I've watched the recording and I would like to have the webminar presentation. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.
Elizabeth Hamblin
Dear Mr. Damborg,

The video you're looking for is linked to the window in the article above — if you sign into the site as a registered user, the video icon will become visible and you will be able to view it (assuming you haven't already used up your three free monthly article views; if you have, you need only wait until Saturday and you'll have 3 more views available). 

If after signing in you still have trouble with the video, you can email smr-help@mit.edu and they will assist you.
Steffen Damborg
I missed the webinar on Digital Transformation by Didier Bonnet. Is it possible to watch a recording?
Kind regards,
Steffen Damborg
Chief Digital Officer