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The scale and variety of disruption we’re experiencing this year are astounding. In the face of economic, public health, and political crises, leaders have scrambled this year to manage uncertainty and keep their organizations productive and moving forward.

It’s a time of challenges, but it’s also an opportunity to rethink what’s next, develop new strategies, and execute in new ways.

We can help you think through the tough issues and get you focused on your company’s next chapter. I invite you to spend some time on the MIT SMR site, where all of our articles, reports, videos, and interactive tools are freely available to everyone through Thursday.

To get you started on this free reading spree, we’re offering some recommendations here. Among them is a special report from our fall 2020 magazine that shines a spotlight on how to reboot your strategy in the wake of COVID-19. We’ve also published thoughtful essays from diverse experts on how work has changed and will continue to change even more in a remote work landscape. New releases from the Culture 500 project will provide you with insights into what matters most to employees today and can help you seize the opportunity to build a culture that will sustain you through uncertainty.

I hope the selections below are helpful to you. We’d love your feedback.


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