The Best MIT SMR Articles of the 2010s

A collection of some of our best research articles of the decade explores how innovation and technology are changing how we strategize, lead, and create.

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From digital transformation to global talent management to emerging jobs in the era of AI — this collection of some of the most-read and most-discussed MIT SMR articles of the 2010s tackles these ever-popular topics and more.

As our readership continues to look to evidence-based practices for leading change across organizations and the globe, this collection reflects a commitment to effective leadership in a rapidly changing digital economy. Whether you’re revisiting them or discovering them for the first time, these articles will offer insights for managers on topics including strategic decisions and execution, meaningful work, and cultural reinvention.

2010: How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI

In a phenomenal reinvention of company culture, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. transformed a disastrously dysfunctional plant into a model of manufacturing. This article, winner of the 2011 Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize, looks at how the company got it done.

2011: Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management

Competitive advantage in talent management doesn’t come from simply implementing generic best practices. Top-performing companies subscribe to a set of principles that are consistent with their strategy and culture.

2012: Creating Value Through Business Model Innovation

More companies are turning toward business model innovation as an alternative or complement to resource-intensive product or process innovations. These six questions can help you determine if your company could benefit from a new business model.

2013: Strategic Decisions for Multisided Platforms

Multisided platforms such as eBay and Facebook create value by enabling interactions between two or more customer groups. To build and manage a winning platform, consider four challenging but fundamental strategic decisions.

2014: The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation

The best companies combine digital activity with strong leadership to turn technology into transformation. How can managers lead digital change and use technology to redefine their businesses?

2015: Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem

Amid the turmoil of digital disruption, companies need to evaluate threats, assess opportunities, and begin creating new business options for unfolding digital ecosystems. This article presents a framework for thinking about competitive environments in the digital era.



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